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Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP)

The purpose of the AACP is to provide the law enforcement leadership of Alberta the opportunity regularly meet in order to share criminal intelligence, emerging crime trends, and to discuss common public safety concerns and resolutions on any law enforcement related matter impacting the citizens of Alberta.

History & Purpose of AACP

Although originally formed in 1973, the AACP was restructured in 1985 and re-emerged after a period of latency.  From 1985 to 1990 the AACP moved to a tiered membership model and extended Active Membership to include Municipal Police Chiefs and the Commanding Officers of the RCMP K-Division, Edmonton, First Nations Police Chief, and RCMP Commissioned Officers in charge of Municipal Detachments across the Province.

As the AACP grew and reorganized, it was agreed that the AACP should continue as a not-for-profit Society committed to bylaws (i.e., a constitution) filed with the Province of Alberta. The ranks of the AACP continued to grow with the inclusion of Associate membership, Corporate Associate membership, and Honorary membership granted to Government Ministry personnel, who have a vested interest in the affairs and direction of Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System in Alberta.

Because of this collaboration, the AACP continues to enjoy a professional, and mutually beneficial, relationship with the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security, the Alberta Justice Minister, and other Provincial Ministries, Municipal Authorities and Industry Leaders. The Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police only exists today because of the intelligence lead vision of our predecessors, who sought to have a closer level of working relationship with all levels of law enforcement with the expressed goal of providing all Albertans with safer communities in which to raise families.