Human Resource Committee

The Terms of Reference of the HUMAN RESOURCE COMMITTEE are:

1. Assume an advocacy role on behalf of the A.A.C.P. in the development of provincial training standards;

2. Promote Professional ethical standards of conduct through networking on ethical decision making practices;

3. Support the development of strategies designed to enhance professionalism of police members across the Province;

4. Work collaboratively with member agencies to improve human resource planning in recruitment, selection, career development, promotion processes and performance appraisal to ensure consistency in access and application by Alberta’s police members;

5. Research Human Resource and Leadership Practices to provide continual improvement and measurable outcomes to our members; and

6. Develop strategies for province wide service delivery of career enhancement opportunities.

Traffic Committee

The Terms of Reference of the TRAFFIC COMMITTEE are:

1. Study and evaluate Alberta Highway Safety issues as presented by the A.A.C.P.;

2. Refer Traffic Safety Issues received from outside partners to the A.A.C.P. for direction;

3. Provide recommendations or resolutions for consideration by the membership of the A.A.C.P..; and

4. Propose amendments to existing and proposed legislation related to Traffic Safety.

Strategic Priorities

1. The Committee will hold at least two meetings between each bi-annual A.A.C.P. meet. The meeting will be hosted on a rotational basis.

2. The A.A.C.P. will be provided with bi-annual reports of issues reviewed by committee and appropriate recommendations.

3. Minutes of all meetings will be maintained.

Law Amendments Committee

The Terms of Reference of the LAW AMENDMENTS COMMITTEE are:

1. Studies and evaluates all proposed legislation dealing with law enforcement or the police;

2. Proposes amendments to the criminal code, federal and provincial statutes;

3. Provides for the appearance of its chairman or other member(s) of the Association before the Solicitor General, Provincial Legislative Assembly and other committees to present the official view of the Association regarding any proposed or pending legislation; and

4. Recommends resolutions for consideration by the membership of the Association.

Strategic Priorities

1. Legislative reform

  • Work towards developing initiatives to advocate legislative reform.
  • Establish partnerships with interested groups to develop a broad frontal, community-supported approach to law amendments and legislative reform.

2. Communication

  • Develop strategies for communicating to A.A.C.P. members results of legislative changes and emerging issues.
  • Develop strategies for communicating the A.A.C.P.’s position on pertinent legislation to relevant external stakeholders.

3. Liaise with government and business sectors

  • Liaise with appropriate government departments for joint development of policies to address issues related to policing.
  • Liaise as necessary with members of Alberta Solicitor General and/or Alberta Justice and other elected officials on an annual basis to keep them apprised of policing issues and concerns.
  • Work with the business sector to address areas of mutual concern and benefit with respect to legislative reform.